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Hilde Schirmer

Hilde Schirmer

LAc., M.T.O.M., Dipl.O.M., R.Y.T.

Holistic Health Specialist

I’ve been a dedicated practitioner of holistic medicine since 2004. My passion is empowering & educating patients to understand the inner workings of their bodies and discover the gentle power of holistic healing. One of my favorite aspects of the work I offer is facilitating awakening, alignment with higher self and finding your soul purpose through a custom tailored holistic approach.


Helping to bring healing through the power of inner truth.

Since working with Hilde, my energy is through the roof! I am so much more flexible, feel great, have lost weight and am overall happier. Seeing her is the highlight of my week. She is worth three times what she charges!

Bob, MD

I came to Hilde with fatigue, horrible menstrual cycle symptoms and migraines. She suggested a few dietary changes, gave me the most integrative acupuncture and healing treatment I’ve ever had, and put me on a herbal tincture that she makes called Total Alignment and literally all my symptoms are gone! I take the tincture daily and have been symptom free

Anne, MD

Hilde is a true healer and teacher. She has taught me more about health and wellness in 2 hours than I’ve learned in 42 years. I now have the tools to start my healing journey and with Hilde’s support every 2 weeks I am getting on track. I’ve also lost weight since working with her and haven’t had a single migraine!

Caroline, MD

I had back pain for years and years with no relief. I came to Hilde with hopes but was skeptical and saw her modalities as a last resort. Boy was that a mistake! ONE session and all my back pain was gone. Months later it’s still gone and I’m calling her for any other health condition that may arise.

Dorothy, MD
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