Hilde Schirmer

Meet Hilde Schirmer

Holistic Health Specialist

As a 39 year old, mamapreneur with 15 years clinical experience and a slew of previous health issues, I’ve learned to effectively heal myself and stay consistent with self care rituals that keep me vibrant, energetic, focused and healthy.​

My journey in medicine began at the budding age of 6 when my father, a John’s Hopkins Physician, brought me to the hospital on Sundays to make his rounds. I knew then that helping others heal was my calling, but what that looked like remained a mystery until 18 years later. 

The Journey to Health

In undergrad at CU Boulder, I changed my major 6 times, finding it immensely challenging to pick just 1 primary focus. I adored school and went to summer school for 4 solid summers and figured the 5 year plan was right up my alley. Having integrated biological & cultural anthropology with Tantric Buddhism, E.T. Life, psychology, painting, sculpture and print making, I graduated with a double BA and 3 minors.  After college and a post graduate degree in oil painting, (because somehow I had planned to educate people about health and spirituality through art,) my mentor took me out in Covent Garden, in the heart of London and we drank Chartreuse while he mustered up he courage to tell me that I had no future as an artist and really ought to just go study medicine already.

That phone call to my father sucked! Not only would he not support me starting med school (he saw how medicine was changing and he knew me too well,) but he was sick of my meandering journey of mind changing. So, I embarked on the study of Acupuncture in East Finchley, London in 2003 and then completed a 4 year Masters degree in Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, CA in 2008. During the course of my studies I apprenticed under 2 different OM Doctors, worked at Dragon Herbs to learn from the master herbalist Ron Teaguarden and took every class on esoteric acupuncture and herbal medicine I possibly could. I also got certified as a massage therapist so I could get more hands on experience with physiology and sports injuries.

Life Experience & the Healing Process

Spiritually, Physically and Emotionally

My beloved late mother was sick my entire life. I witnessed her battle an auto-immune system disorder that had her in and out of hospitals, with a plethora of complications and 28 years on corticosteroids, only to eventually succumb to cancer.

I learned so much about Western medicine through her journey and witnessed the strength and weaknesses of conventional medicine. This is partly why I chose the path of Preventative (Holistic) Medicine. It is my steadfast belief that the body is capable of healing.

It helps me greatly when someone brings their most recent copies of blood work MRI scans, hormone panels etc. to the initial session. And always full body treatment is offered during the first session.

I absolutely LOVE what I do and my sessions evolve as I learn and grow. The sessions integrate so many modalities and as a result, fewer treatments are needed to attain maximum optimal  results. I aim to support the healing process on all levels: spiritual, physical and emotional. I invite you to come in and heal with me.