September 22, 2019

Kate Beck

Acupuncture from Hilde is quite simply, life changing. Hilde’s approach is thoughtful, patient, kind and generous. Her knowledge of the whole body – energy, mind and spirit – and what her patient needs is remarkable. I left each session with a new perspective on life, a new sense of balance, calm and rejuvenated health. Hilde is amazing. As they say: do not walk – run! to receive acupuncture and body work from this light-filled healer!

September 22, 2019

Anne Fava

Hilde Schirmer is a true healer. Both compassionate and exceptional, Hilde embodies a healthy and enlightened life that is infectious. She carefully listens to each patient’s comprehensive history and is fully engaged in the healing process. Individually tailored to meet your specific needs, Hilde’s holistic treatments result in the highest quality of care. From alleviating stress to building my immune system, Freda & Wolf’s plant-based skincare, , supplements and wellness products have vastly improved my personal health and overall well-being. Hilde’s shining light has brought great joy to my healing process!.

September 22, 2019

Jamie Mcalpin

I can honestly say that I walked out of 100% of her sessions experiencing drastic improvement in a wide variety of pain issues and dis-ease that I was being treated for. After 16 years of dealing w/ chronic pain, I have seen hundreds of body workers and healers over those years and I definitely include Hilde on a very short list of “healers who really know what they are doing and do it extremely well.