Asian Medicine

Asian Medicine

Ancient Healing Practices

For roughly 4,000 years Asian Medicine has helped humans heal.
The philosophies are rooted in ancient practices of meditation that illuminated insight into disharmonies of the mind, body and spirit. For millennia the medicine has been built upon as science has shed more light upon disease.
Nutrition Counseling
Herbal Medicine

The Journey to Health

Today's Asian Medicine

Honors the most effective ancient practices and modern medicine. Using a combination of acupuncture, nutrition and herbs, Asian Medicine addresses the root cause of disharmonies. This holistic approach delivers profoundly effective healing results.

Healing from Within

Rather than putting a bandaid on a trauma, Asian Medicine goes directly to the root and facilitates healing from within. Acupuncture is a complex science incorporating all organ systems of the body, essentially stimulating own body’s healing with lasting results.

Targeting Conditions

The meridians are pathways that connect to the organ systems and along these pathways are accurate points that very target specific conditions. For example there’s a point on the lung channel that releases grief and another that specifically clears phlegm in the lungs.

Begin Your Journey

Discover the path to better health and happiness through holistic healing.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Addressing the root cause of a wide range of conditions

Who has time to feel badly?

Life is to be enjoyed and ideally free of pain, disease and chronic symptoms.
We provide nurturing support and each treatment is different, thus building upon the previous session. Usually patients improve after 1-3 sessions and in some cases 6-8 depending on the condition. Our sessions are fascinating, relaxing and healing. Since 2003, we have been working with patients using Asian Medicine. With each session we continue to build a deeper passion and understanding for the medicine.
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