Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Reversing the Visible Signs of Aging.

As a clinical and intuitive nutritionist, Hilde also advises on nutrition for reversing visible signs of aging. Combined with her skincare line she formulated in 2017 and makes on her home apothecary, the effects are; smaller pores, even skin tone, cleared acne, fewer wrinkles, tighter skin, better muscle tone for less sagging, crows feet plumping, lifted eyebrows and diminished jowls.

"WOW! Just WOW! I've never seen effects like this.

I stopped doing Botox and don't want to do any type of implants or juvederm. So, I tried Hilde's facials. I was shocked at the effects even after one session! My face looked plump, lifted, sculpted and her products are absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see the results from weekly treatments!"
Karen, MD

Facial Rejuvenation Methods

Effective Alternatives to Botox

Micro Needling

Derma Blading

Gua Sha

Facial Massage



Micro-Curent Therapy

Facial Accupuncture

Age Defying Skincare

Bodhi Room

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