Field Control Therapy (FCT)

What is Field Control Therapy (FCT)?

Field Control Therapy in a cutting edge testing and treatment modality that integrates homeopathy with applied kinesiology.

Using a fine tuned system, Hilde tests allergens, toxins, organs systems, viruses and foods. Based on what each individuals body informs, she creates a custom tailored program mapping out which foods to eliminate, which to mostly avoid and which to consume more of. This testing tends to be much more accurate and cost effective than food allergy blood tests and also yields rapid results in a matter of weeks as opposed to months. 

Heal the Root so the tree is stable.

Field Control Therapy (FCT) addresses the root cause of imbalances.

How it works.

Integrating applied kinesiology, frequency and homeopathy, Hilde and her patient rely on the individuals body to inform on food allergies, toxins, viruses etc. This way we can avoid potentially unnecessary and expensive testing, save time and get direction swiftly for more a expedient healing process!
Of course good can be medicine, but bud Hilde assembles a customized protocol with specific food plan and elimination diet as well as basic supplements and herbal remedies. 

"I can't believe how quickly my body is healing with Hilde's plan!

After $$$ visits to the Naturopath and multiple tests from MD’s, hundreds of dollars worth of supplements the ND prescribed that I couldn’t even keep up with, and months of waiting of waiting to start feel better, Hilde’s plan worked within 2 weeks! My gut started healing, chronic diarrhea stopped, pain subsided, energy returned and overall inflammation calmed down. Her system works! I don’t understand it, but it works!”

Nichole, MD

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