Micro-Dosing Integration

Plan and Prepare

Make Sense of Your Psychedelic Experiences.

Microdose integration therapy refers to processes and practices that help you attain awareness about yourself, your traumas, the non serving narratives and the the various themes that emerge throughout your work with micro-dosing psychedelics.

Hilde integrates her 20+ years of healing practices combining coaching, esoteric acupuncture, guided meditation, sound therapy, breathwork and energy medicine, to facilitate lasting benefits in the microdosing journey.

In 2013, while Hilde was living in

The Jungle of Nosara, Costa Rica.

She explored how psychedelic integration therapy (ibogaine & ayuhuasca) can be an important consideration for anyone using psychedelics for mental health, addiction, personal growth and evolution. 

Since returning to the US, her exploration has shifted to supporting people wanting to implement the wisdom of psilocybin to support mental health challenges, trauma, anxiety, depression, anger and a deeper connection to their higher self.

Working with Hilde while microdosing has completely shifted my anxiety and helped me come into a whole new way of being in this world. I feel more joy and am no longer easily triggered. Even my pain has reduced and my gut health has improved. Hilde’s studio is filled with light and every time we meet I feel like I receive new upgrades and light baths. It’s been totally life changing!

Christine, MD

Upon completing my first month of the medicine, my outlook and perspective on life have shifted completely. I’m so grateful for this life changing journey.

Stacey, MD

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