Functional Medicine

Identify the Cause

Every illness has an underlying cause, which could be from, lifestyle, diet and habits. The whole person must be considered and all possible contributing factors must be taken into account.

Implement Healing

An Functional Medicine doctor is trained to find and facilitate the removal of the underlying cause of dis-ease to allow for the body’s own innate ability to heal.

The original meaning of the word “doctor” is teacher. A principal objective is to educate the patient and emphasize self-responsibility for health. Holistic health care Practitioners recognize the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and that empowering and educating the patient is what will yield lasting and optimal benefits.

Functional Medicine doctors combine comprehensive testing with in depth and repeat consultations over a 6, 8 or 12 week course, in order to fully understand why the body isn’t functioning optimally. The duration of the program allows for superior support and healing to occur. The testing includes (as needed) genetic testing, bloodwork, stool samples, allergy testing, complete hormone panel, complete thyroid panel and more.

Functional medicine may provide…

Diagnostics and Treatment for a Wide Range of Health Conditions:

GI Conditons (IBS, Crohns, colitis…)

Autoimmune Disorders

Hormone Imbalances

Fertility Challenges

Thyroid Imbalances

Hair Loss


Anxiety / Depression

Cancer Treatment Support


Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Malaise

Skin Conditions (rashes, rosacea, etc.)

Chronic Infections

and more….

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