Why Holistic Medicine?

Positively Transform Your Life

Holistic medicine has the ability to transform your life in miraculous ways. Your health is the physical manifestation of your physical, emotional and spiritual being. With Holistic medicine, we focus on the cumulative effects your daily decisions can have on these areas of your health, and work to improve your overall health. Below are some of the ways we achieve this.


Determining the root of digestive imbalances is imperative to long term healing. Gas, bloating, constipation, leaky gut, colitis and IBS can wreak havoc on your day to day sense of well being. Acupuncture, nutrition, juicing, herbs and supplements can harmonize gut flora, balance organ systems and aid absorption of vital vitamins & minerals.


Feeling exhausted challenges our very existence. Whether it be adrenal fatigue, organ dysfunction, poor sleep, stress, anemia, chronic underlying illness or simply juggling too much, we cannot live our best lives as our best selves when we are too tired to function. Life isn’t about just surviving, it’s about thriving!


True healing requires ridding the body of toxins that build up from stress, food, medications, water and even the air we breathe. The liver is a key player in the detoxification process. Combining gentle daily detoxification techniques, dietary counseling, acupuncture, exercise & yoga posture can help the body eliminate without side effects.

Women's Health

Women are the glue of families and of society in many ways. As a mompreneur with 2 kids, I know the importance of being a healthy woman. Whether it be monthly PMS, painful periods, perimenopause, hot flashes, PCOS, fibroids or challenges in conceiving, acupuncture, herbs, diet and yoga can help you overcome the challenges.

Weight Loss

Who doesn’t want to wear their clothes comfortably? It isn’t about being thin or aiming to take on an entirely different body, it’s about achieving the most optimal body for YOU.


Stress is a co-factor or cause of all dis-ease. There are many tools to manage stress and I would love to guide and support you. Supplements, herbs, acupuncture, breathing, meditation and energy work can relive stress incredibly effectively.

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